Last update: January 5th, 2014
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My hotels and restaurants on the Costa Blanca

Being regularly travelling on the Costa Blanca as well as on the Costa Calida, it happens that someone asks me a recommendation, a hint, about a hotel during the busy season or a restaurant with specific characteristics. Here, I gather some of these informations. I have no ambition to play the hotel guide or cuisine expert. I just testify.

On another hand, the mentioned prices are purely indicative. They may vary according to the seasons and the inflation. Eventually, on the contrary of a well spread opinion, the job of real estate webmaster allows to earn someone's life, but doesn't make him specially rich. For this reason, my hotels and restaurants are OK and clean (I am fifty, and do not feel attracted by military barracks - I have never been - nor youth hotels any more), but they are no luxury hotels neither.

Hotel El Vedat in Torrent, closed; I will complete this list later.

Another very good hotel, in the Denia area this time: Hotel Les Rotes in Denia Las Rotas, once more slightly over my budget, but just as advisable as the former one.

Hotels in Javea (a reader's question).

A hotel in Aguilas, near Lorca: Hotel El Paso in Aguilas, just as good as in Lorca, but much cheaper than Lorca.

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